Competency Frameworks


Design, Implementation & Assessment Tools

This course delivers in-depth content covering the design, implementation and application of Competency Frameworks to identify, train, develop and improve the return on investment achieved through the human resource. With the Human Capital being one of the most expensive budget items, the organisation with the ability to maximize potential and talent will deliver higher profitability and greater investment. The presence of Gen Z and Millennials in the workforce is raising the stakes for clear and accurate assessment of potential and the need for organisations to demonstrate opportunities for career progression to genuinely talented individuals.

Course Content

  • The Role of Competency Frameworks
  • Developing Competency-Based Frameworks
  • Core Competencies and Criteria
  • Assessment Tools – Design, Usage and Data Capture
  • Putting Competency Frameworks to use
  • Linking your Competency Framework to the Core HR Functions

Course Objectives

  • Explain the benefits of Competency Based Frameworks and their uses
  • Show how the assessments play a part in helping their organisation perform at a higher level
  • Determine characteristics valued by their organisation
  • Develop a framework aligned with the vision, mission and corporate objectives of the organisation
  • Engage with management to drive the process for the implementation of the framework
  • Pilot and launch a competency-based framework and corresponding metrics

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  • 10h Duration

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