Customised Training

Our Approach

Our tailor made and customised courses are highly oriented towards achieving concrete results, bringing team members and partners into intense exchange produce concrete results.

Your organisation is one of a kind, and itstraining programmes should be no exception. Our experienced and relevant trainer works with your team from the ground up to develop flexible programmes targeted for immediate results.

The key difference between open enrolment and customised programmes is that the latter are essentially bespoke learning and development interventions that are designed directly to the development needs of your team or organisation. Hence, the focus is on the collective as opposed to the individual.

Key Advantages

Tailoring Process

Post Training Approach

VALDUS readiness to work with your company continues long after the training programmes concludes in whatever capacity is needed. We use the four levels of Kirkpatrick’s evaluation model essentially measure:

Reaction of student  what they thought and felt about the training
Learning the resulting increase in knowledge or capability
Behavior extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation/application
Results the effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee’s performance

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