HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Our Approach

We provide services to harness the power of HR and workforce data — metrics, surveys, forecasting, and predictive analytics to improve your organisation’s return on workforce investment. We also help build and align your workforce analytics programmes. Our service areas include:

  • HR analytics
  • Workforce analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Workforce surveys
  • Workforce planning
  • Training in HR Metrics and Analytics

Our solution draws upon our expertise with HR data, strategy and reporting and is driven to help HR leaders deliver greater value to the business to manage their workforce more competitively. The result is a fully integrated, user-friendly solution that enables HR professionals and business executives to quickly identify workforce trends, share key insights and leverage the power of HR data to solve business problems. Our approach to all our HR metrics assignments are based on the following 5 phases:

1) Justification — in this initial phase, HR metrics are tracked and have limited reporting. No actions are taken at this stage and data is still quite dispersed.

2) Measurement — in this phase, metrics are better defined. Reporting is now in the form of a dashboard/scorecard, and leadership may have some accountability to the metrics.

3) Effectiveness — at this stage, HR has more sophisticated technology and leadership is widely held accountable for results. Actions are beginning to take place because of the data, and KPI’s are tied to results. Analytics are now being discussed.

4) Value Creation — at this stage, decisions are being made based on analytics, and genuine insights are created. Predictive modeling begins here with an eye on future value creation from HR investments.

5) Impact — this is where the strategic HR professionals really want to inspire the company to be. At the impact phase, change is being created as a result of a predictive mindset, strategic goals are being achieved, and the culture has shifted from being performance based to analytics driven.

Our Experience in HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Based on our experience in the market we know that most HR Departments are struggling to keep up with the growing demands on their services and that’s why our HR Metrics program is an excellent solution for the HR Teams. 

Our HR Consultants will help with selecting appropriate metrics and making sure the data collection process is streamlined so HR and Executive Management can see the results on a monthly basis.

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