Valdus is the Official Partner for Gradar in Mauritius

Gradar is a modern and affordable job evaluation system that analyses and evaluates jobs in three different career paths and 25 grades. gradar is the pioneer of the next generation of job evaluation systems. When designing the system, we took into account the needs of our global clientele and reduced the complexity of the job grading process. Our users are empowered to analyze and evaluate their jobs themselves. They are supported by a standardized translation into benchmark positionsfrom leading compensation studies as well as competencies from the well-known TMA competency library.



The Job Evaluation state-of-the-art engine for any type of Organization. 

Job Evaluation easily done!

gradar® the job evaluation engine is an international, state-of-the-art and reasonably priced factor based job evaluation system with automated job matchings
gradar® is an analytical job grading system. With gradar®, you can evaluate all positions, from the unskilled worker to the division head in any type and size of organisation. 
gradar® is easy to use and allows for a transparent and comprehensible job grading. Its modern web-based application guides you intuitively and self-explanatory through your grading process. This puts you in charge and gives you the full control over your data and the process of position evaluation.

gradar® offers:

How can this partnership benefit your business?

Increase quality by providing simple tools to support your business to make professional people decisions which are based on fair and well-defined criteria.

Empower your HR team to become strategic business partners bringing relevance, valuable input and structured guidance to your business owners.

Save time by having Valdus manage the full implementation to allow your HR team to focus on their daily tasks.

Save money by making the right people decisions increasing employee satisfaction and reducing negative turnover.

Increase transparency and visibility of HR policies and decision making.

Increase trust in HR and management leading to enhanced employee engagement.

For an exploratory conversation about gradar contact us at or call us on +230 2610909 | +230 2612901 during office hours

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