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CORPORATE COACHING is a highly specialised area, where we first need to engage in a scope of work discussion to clearly identify your objectives and to explore how you see coaching being a part of the strategy to meet those needs. This may range from executive coaching to designing a Leader As Coach programme for your leadership team’s professional development. Quotes provided after a detailed scope of work and collaborative interview process.

Our coaching packages typically include:

Executive and Management Coaching

One of the most well-known and well-understood methods of coaching is executive leadership coaching. It’s a powerful way to boost the performance of your most important leaders, help them navigate key changes, and allow them to change habits that are obstructing their success.

Executive leadership coaching usually begins with a matching process to ensure that the coach and the participant are a good match, then one or more reviews and alignment meetings with key stakeholders.

During the coaching session, the coach can assist the executive in understanding and applying evaluation results, developing and implementing a development plan, and addressing specific business and interpersonal challenges.

An executive coach’s intimate, positive atmosphere will promote new ways of thinking, behaving, and influencing in order to achieve significant business results.

Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching is a style of coaching that incorporates or wraps coaching sessions into a larger leadership development program or initiative. It has the potential to reaffirm and strengthen lessons learned during leadership development.

For example, a development program for high-potential, mid-level managers might include a coaching component — or a series of 2-5 coaching sessions — to help participants focus on, deepen, and apply what they’ve learned during the development process.

This form of coaching, though usually for a shorter period of time than executive coaching, will help ensure that leadership development learnings “stick.”

Team Coaching

At all levels, from the executive to front-line staff, team coaching is effective. It’s another important type of workplace coaching because even high-performing individuals will struggle to work together efficiently at times.

A variety of methodologies and formats are used in team coaching to promote positive relationships and high success.

Team coaching may also involve non-scripted approaches like assisting a project team in interacting more efficiently or encouraging a process that unfolds in unexpected ways. A coach can sometimes observe a team in its natural working environment and provide coaching based on his or her observations. Learn more about team coaching dynamics.

Our Other Areas of Expertise with regard to Coaching:

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