Effective Performance Appraisal


What would be the impact on your team if each staff member’s performance improved by 5-10%? Most managers agree that this would make a radical difference. The good news is that this level of performance gain can frequently be achieved through improved performance management. Appraisal is a key tool for managers to help staff develop their performance.

This one day course develops the management skills and behaviors to plan for and conduct Performance Appraisal exercises. The course builds an expectation of what is possible through the formal appraisal meeting and increases motivation. It challenges managers to reflect on their attitude to staff and adopt a positive approach where appraisal is part of an ongoing performance management process. It is relevant for anyone who supervises staff and is responsible for appraising their performance.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, participants will be more
able to:

1. Understand the role of Performance Appraisal as part
    of the performance management cycle
2. Collect evidence to objectively support performance
3. Prepare themselves and their team member for the
4. Confidently conduct a structured and positive
     performance evaluation which increases performance
5. Address poor performance with confidence in a
    constructive way
6. Avoid common errors in evaluation
7. Create an effective and workable plan that aligns
    work with company objectives (PDP)


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