Training Calendar 2023

Course TitleHrsAreaCourse fee per participantScheduling
HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics12hrHuman Resources17,500April 2023
HR Skills For HR Professionals16hrP/T13,900April 2023
Effective Performance Appriasal6hrP/T10,000Feb 2023
Competency Based People Management14hrP/T15,000March 2023
CARE-Excellence in Customer Service14hrsP/T5,000As per Needs
Market Research and Data Analytics7hrP/T3,000March 2023
Compensation & Benefits Management Understaing Administration & Creating Strategy12hrsP/T15,000May 2023
Power BI: Take you Data to the Next Level12hrsP/T15,000Feb 2023
Developing & Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans12hrsP/T15,000June 2023
Communication & Problem Solving Lead, Innovate & Transform12hrsP/T15,000June 2023
High Impact Supervisory Skills: Make a Difference12 hrsP/T13,900April 2023
Fraud & Corruption in the Workplace: Detection, Management & Control3 hrsP/T7,500As per Needs
Effective People Skills Achieving Superior Interpersonal Effectiveness12 hrsP/T13,900June 2023
Financial Skills for HR Professionals: Budgeting & Budgetary Control fo the HR Function12HrsP/T13,900June 2023
Time Management6HrsP/T7,000July 2023
Coaching Skills for HR Professionals12HrsP/T13,900August 2023
Effective Talent Management Strategy, Design, Application and Implementation12HrsP/T13,900September 2023
Leading Cultural Transformation12hrsP/T15,000September 2023
Negotiation & Dispute Resolution12HrsP/T13,900September 2023
Performance Measurement,Continuous Improvement& Benchmarking12hrsP/T15,000October 2023
Leadership Best Practices: Enhancing Leadership for Peak Performance12hrsP/T15,000October 2023
Leadership Influence & Trust-Creating Professional Strategies12hrsP/T15,000October 2023
Mind Attitude & Motivation Power for Professional Excellence12HrsP/T13,900November 2023
High Performance Leadership12hrsP/T15,000November 2023
Effective Time Task & Work Planning Enhancing Key Skills Toward Effective Administration12HrsP/T13,900November 2023

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