Executive Coaching

One of the most well-known and well-understood methods of coaching is executive leadership coaching. It’s a powerful way to boost the performance of your most important leaders, help them navigate key changes, and allow them to change habits that are obstructing their success.


Integrated Coaching

Integrated coaching is a style of coaching that incorporates or wraps coaching sessions into a larger leadership development program or initiative. It has the potential to reaffirm and strengthen lessons learned during leadership development.


Team Coaching

At all levels, from the executive to front-line staff, team coaching is effective. It’s another important type of workplace coaching because even high-performing individuals will struggle to work together efficiently at times.

Our Coaches

When you work with our coaches, you are working with elite professionals. In addition to being highly credentialed, our roster of coaches brings a wealth of diverse experience that includes coaches who are former CEOs, award-winning entrepreneurs and lawyers.

Our team includes coaches with deep HR experience and includes Master Certified Coaches and high level HR experts, allowing us to customize our process to fit your specific organizational needs.

One thing is certain: “business as usual” will not be resumed so soon. Many factors are influencing the future of work, including technological advancements and a greater willingness to work in remote and hybrid contexts. People, however, are the driving force behind the Future of Work. 

Human Resources departments and organizations must question the existing quo and alter their priorities to meet the increased demands of today’s workforce. Moving ahead, our objective is to continue to serve clients with market-leading HR solutions. To understand more about our unique approach to human resource management, I urge you to explore our website and contact us. 

2021 is already shaping up to be an eventful year for the team at Valdus as the firm will be celebrating 10 years of activity. Up until recently, the firm’s activities have grown in an organic way through customer referrals, returning customers and by word of mouth. As for how one of the Best HR professional services companies plans to celebrate this milestone, Valdus is set to expand their activities within the African region, increase their visibility, and also are now looking into a thorough marketing strategy and a rebranding.

The future is certainly looking bright for the team at Valdus as they look set to continue their meteoric rise to success, and we simply cannot wait to see what else lies ahead for this multi-award-winning firm.