Change Management Consulting

Our Approach

Change Management is a proactive and dynamic approach to manage the ‘people’ aspects of organisational change.VALDUS Change Management approach ensures that the changes that occur in your organisation due to changes in processes, tools and roles and responsibilities are managed in an organized, proactive and prompt manner.

We have a proven approach to facilitate change initiatives and ensure timely delivery, while reducing risk and cost. Our Change Management specialists combine our leading methodologies with industry experience to develop a tailored approach that meets our clients’ specific requirements. We take a collaborative and responsive approach to problem-solving, which inspires innovative and effective solution

Our Experience in Change Management

Our experience with local businesses consists mostly with the integration a comprehensive change management plan to achieve a more successful business implementation, experiencing greater staff acceptance. Our focus has always been on the people as they are the key to any change management initiatives in organisations. In that context we always ensure that:

  • Employees understand and accept the need for change, using our methodology as depicted above
  • Management team is aligned, accountable and visible
  • Barriers to change are identified and managed
  • Training and support post implementation is in place for continuous improvement.

Specific areas where companies have used our Change Management Consulting expertise:

  • Merger or / and Acquisitions
  • Change in organisational Disciplines
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Project Launch
  • Vision and Values

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