Psychometric Assessements / Competency Assessments

Our Approach

Whether applied to recruitment, team efficiency, career development or coaching challenge, our psychometric assessment solutions bring a personal and highly developmental orientation.

One-on-one feedback is recommended with both the candidate/team member and the business/line manager. In this manner, the individual, business manager and team has the opportunity to improve their knowledge of and ability to manage themselves and others. With this in mind, Valdus individual assessment solutions are custom designed to:

  • Provide input into decision making around job, team and organisational fit
  • Provide management with input into how to optimally utilise, develop, manage and retain staff/new recruit
  • Fast Track Self Insight: (a) ascertain job/role/organisational ‘fit’ (b) grow understanding of own strengths and weaknesses (c) highlight areas of development (d) provide input into career pathing.

Where a team or group of individuals is assessed the results may be utilised to:

  • Highlight team strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve team understanding, facilitating a culture of mutual understanding and respect
  • Improving team efficiency through understanding team dynamics and gaining clarity on ‘who’ to utilise for ‘what’ and ‘when’
  • To help track team, divisional and organisational trends all assessment results are captured onto a ‘real time’ tracking system. This enables us to draw on and integrate a decade of assessment results to assist you: (a) Successfully recruit into a team and ‘culture’ not just into a role (b) Identify characteristics which predict success (or risk) (c) Create high functioning, ‘holistic’ project teams (d) With talent management, succession planning and strategic resource planning.

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