High Performance Leadership


Are you in charge of a team as a leader or manager? Maybe you’re a future leader? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned executive seeking for a competitive advantage? Then this is the course for you. To help lead and develop extraordinary teams capable of amazing accomplishments, embrace the contents of this course and its power to inspire you to be a great leader! It’s all in your hands! Make the most of your leadership agility and personal development to reach your full potential!

To produce industry-leading products and services, today’s leaders must be able to understand and adapt to dynamic global problems and opportunities while leveraging their workers’ inherent potential.

These requirements necessitate leaders with high emotional intelligence, who are situationally aware systems thinkers, and who can deliver clarity and vision to those they serve. 

High Performance Leadership, is a 2-day intensive course that prepares leaders to adapt to more tumultuous economic, technical, social, and commercial pressures, as well as global paradigm shifts that necessitate new leadership thinking.





Module 1: Leadership Development and Influence

• The challenge of personal leadership development
• Leadership roles that maximize potential
• Developing dynamic interpersonal relationship skills
• Discover the strategy of personal self-coaching
• Knowing the people influence factor
• Paradigms that Guide Thinking
• Leadership from Within
• Self-Reflection and self-esteem
• Understand how you Think
• The Character of a Leader
• Real Leaders are emotionally intelligent
• Balance in mind, body and spirit

Module 2: The Flexible, Resilient & Change Leader

• Making the change transition
• Responses to Change
• How to be resilient during change times
• Environmental change agents
• Change and Leadership Paradigms
• The Human Side of Change
• What is Trust Leadership?
• The Benefits of a High Trust Environment
• Restoring breached trust
• Building Capacity for Trust
• Personal Influence and Political Savvy
• Negotiating Agreement

Module 3: Creating a Winning Leadership Environment

• Mind and action focus
• Developing the Win-Win Solution
• Tips on improving performance
• Leadership knowledge check
• Essential leadership qualities
• Action steps to take
• The leader as a Visionary
• The Power of Creative Vision
• The Leader’s Influence on Culture
• How a leader facilitates the path to a Culture
• Implementing a Leadership Communication approach
• Models of best run Visionary Companies

Module 4: Developing Inner Leadership Strength

• Guide to knowing your leadership strengths
• How Leaders use their Emotional Intelligence
• Understanding the Leader's base of Power
• Understanding your inner spiritual dynamic
• Leaders Influence on people
• Managing your body and mind effectively
• Secrets to involve others
• Best Practices of effective Mentors and Coaches
• The Motivating Leader
• How to motivate yourself and others
• Understanding the major types of motivation
• How a leader Creates an environment for self-motivation

Module 5: How a Leader Builds a Peak Performance Culture - Leadership Competencies

• Best Practices to effectively delegate
• The benefits of delegation
• The barriers to delegation
• Establishing peak performance goal setting strategies
• Creating the climate for empowerment
• How to use time management, planning and prioritizing
• The Leader as a Creative Thinker
• Building a Culture of Innovation and new ideas
• Characteristics of a high performing leader
• Putting Best Practices into Practice
• How to be proactive in your relationships
• Guide to Building a Personal Leadership Plan


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