The Self-Confidence Course – Self Esteem & Confidence Building


Research shows that many people struggle with confidence during their careers. Low confidence can be natural when you’re new to a job or lack adequate experience in a high-stakes situation. But in other cases, low confidence can be a result of several factors and can happen during any moment in your career. It might spring from early childhood messages, a lack of representation in your company, your personality, previous experiences, or other causes.

The important thing to remember is that low confidence is not an inherent flaw, and it doesn’t have to define you. Confidence can be learned and practiced. It begins with becoming more self-aware, changing your mindset, and learning to bring your full self to work — or wherever you go.

Based on the trainer’s experience as a leadership coach and a talent consultant, he will present you a series of approach to help you build confidence. 

Hence this ‘Self-Confidence’ Course provides a fantastic insight into building your self esteem & confidence.

The course will explore how to think confidently, how to act with confidence, communicating confidently plus much more.

Module 1: Building Confidence

This Module takes you through the initial stages and elements required to start building your confidence today. Units covered in this module include an overview of how to build confidence, your current confidence level, Motivation and much more.

Unit 1 How to build confidence – an overview
Unit 2 How confident are you?
Unit 3 Sow the seeds of confidence and watch them grow
Unit 4 Whose responsibility?
Unit 5 Getting Motivated
Unit 6 Determination
Unit 7 Think like a confident person
Unit 8 The Four Step Method
Unit 9 Silencing the Inner Critic

Module 2: Self-awareness – Understanding yourself

This module is designed to assist you in better understanding yourself; self-awareness is crucial when it comes to confidence. Self-awareness, letting go of the past, self-acceptance, and other topics are discussed in this module.

Unit 1 The ‘As If’ Principle
Unit 2 Eat an elephant
Unit 3 Self-Awareness 1: Your past
Unit 4 Self-awareness 2: What are you like?
Unit 5 Childhood
Unit 6 Control dramas
Unit 7 Take care of your Inner Child
Unit 8 Forgive, forget and be free
Unit 9 Let go of the past
Unit 10 Self acceptance

Module 3: The art of thinking confidently

This module will teach you how to think with confidence. Calmness and confidence, how to establish a purpose, confident self-talk, self-love, and other topics will be explored in this session.

Unit 1 Calmness and confidence
Unit 2 Anchoring
Unit 3 So far so good
Unit 4 Find a purpose
Unit 5 Goals revisited
Unit 6 The Thinker thinks and the Prover proves
Unit 7 Confident self-talk
Unit 8 Beliefs
Unit 9 Confident attitude
Unit 10 Self love

Module 4: Improve self-image by the use of your imagination

This module is designed to help you improve your self-image and, as a result, your confidence. This lesson will address how to get the most out of creative imagery, focusing on what you do well, confidence-building exercises, and becoming in shape, among other topics.

Unit 1 Affirmations
Unit 2 Who do you imagine yourself to be?
Unit 3 Getting the most from creative imagery
Unit 4 Concentrate on what you do well
Unit 5 Confidence building activities
Unit 6 Conditions of Worth
Unit 7 Body image
Unit 8 Get in shape

Module 5: How to act with confidence

This module will assist you in learning how to act confidently. Overcoming shortcomings, when to take chances, body language, first impressions, and other topics will be discussed in this module.

Unit 1 Overcoming weaknesses
Unit 2 Take a risk
Unit 3 Confident body language
Unit 4 Give up approval-seeking behaviour
Unit 5 First impressions
Unit 6 Stand up for yourself
Unit 7 How to be assertive
Unit 8 Say no when you mean no
Unit 9 How to ask for what you want

Module 6: Communicating with Confidence

This module will assist you in learning how to communicate confidently. This lesson will cover topics such as how to listen well, praises and critiques, emotional intelligence, and much more.

Unit 1 Be a good listener
Unit 2 Compliments and criticisms
Unit 3 Lighten up
Unit 4 Emotional Intelligence
Unit 5 Take an interest in others
Unit 6 Choose peace


  • Dates: Thursday  25th and Friday 26th August 2022
  • Time: 9:30 – 3:30 (both days)
  • Venue: Palms Hotel, Quatre Bornes
  • Includes Lunch and 2 tea breaks (both days)

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