Management Development Program - An Intrapreneurship Approach


“Managers must think and act like entrepreneurs to drive innovation and create value.” 

Peter Drucker

Embark on a transformative journey with the “Management Development Program” – an immersive experience that will unlock your potential as an intrapreneurial leader. This dynamic course empowers you with the skills and mindset to drive innovation, create value, and lead with confidence in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Discover your unique leadership style, cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, and develop the skills to drive change from within your organization. Collaborate with a diverse cohort of like-minded professionals and prepare to become an intrapreneurial leader of tomorrow.

Master the art of intrapreneurship, identifying and seizing opportunities for innovation and growth. Learn to effectively communicate your ideas, influence stakeholders, and build strong, cross-functional teams. Dive into design thinking, approaching challenges with a user-centric mindset and developing creative solutions that address the evolving needs of your customers and organization.

Develop the resilience and adaptability to thrive in the face of change, navigate uncertainty, lead through transitions, and create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and mindset to become a true intrapreneurial leader, driving innovation, creating value, and making a lasting impact within your organization. With this program, you’re not just developing your leadership skills; you’re becoming a catalyst for change and a driver of organizational success.

Course Modules:

Module 0: Igniting the Intrapreneurial Spirit

This module is designed to unleash the entrepreneurial potential within participants, fostering an intrapreneurial mindset that thrives on innovation and adaptation.

  • Exploring the essence and significance of intrapreneurship in the corporate world
  • Delineating the nuances between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship
  • Emphasizing the critical role of intrapreneurs in driving innovation and change within organizations
  • Navigating the corporate innovation ecosystem with an intrapreneurial lens
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit amidst organizational structures and constraints
  • Championing risk-taking and resilience in the face of failure
  • Enhancing creative problem-solving skills and identifying opportunities for growth and innovation

Module 1: Intrapreneurial Leadership Journey

This module introduces participants to the concept of intrapreneurial leadership, helping them to discover and refine their leadership style within the context of organizational innovation.

  • Discovering your intrapreneurial leadership style
  • Connecting with like-minded intrapreneurial thinkers
  • Overview of the intrapreneurial leadership development journey
  • Deepening self-awareness regarding communication and learning styles
  • Unleashing your leadership potential for organizational innovation
  • Crafting a personal brand that resonates with intrapreneurial values

Module 2: Decoding the Intrapreneurial Leadership Code

Dive deep into the intrapreneurial leadership foundations, focusing on trust, transparency, and the integration of personal values into driving innovation and change within organizations.

  • The pivotal role of trust in intrapreneurial leadership
  • Attributes of intrapreneurial leaders who make a difference
  • Fostering transparency and authenticity in your leadership approach
  • Aligning personal values with the intrapreneurial mission
  • Application of leadership theories within an intrapreneurial framework

Module 3: Mastering Intrapreneurial Communication

Explore the intricacies of effective communication and coaching from an intrapreneurial perspective, enhancing the ability to foster innovation and agility within teams.

  • Grasping the science and art of intrapreneurial communication
  • Tailoring coaching techniques to various learning styles within an innovative team environment
  • Navigating the development cycle with a focus on innovation
  • Applying the GROW model to foster intrapreneurial thinking and problem-solving
  • Delivering feedback and managing challenging conversations to encourage innovation

Module 4: Intrapreneurial Decision-Making

Delve into the dynamics of making strategic decisions within an organization, with a spotlight on intrapreneurial intuition and innovation under pressure.

  • Unraveling the science and intuition behind intrapreneurial decision-making
  • Harnessing gut instinct for innovative outcomes
  • Techniques for navigating high-stakes decisions with agility
  • Fostering a team environment conducive to collaborative intrapreneurial decisions

Module 5: Influence and Motivation in Intrapreneurship

Learn to motivate and influence your team through the lens of intrapreneurship, understanding the nuances of team dynamics and leveraging them for innovative growth.

  • Identifying and navigating the stages of team development with an intrapreneurial mindset
  • Motivating teams towards innovative excellence
  • Mastering intrapreneurial influencing techniques to inspire and drive change

Module 6: Intrapreneurial Performance and Culture

Explore the management of performance from an intrapreneurial perspective, focusing on fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and adaptability.

  • Strategies for enhancing performance and nurturing a high-performance intrapreneurial culture
  • Implementing effective appraisal processes and SMART objectives to support innovation
  • Approaches for addressing underperformance and attendance issues within an intrapreneurial framework
  • Championing diversity and inclusivity as drivers of innovation and intrapreneurial success

Module 7: Intrapreneurship Amidst Workplace Sensitivities

Equip yourself with the skills to navigate and manage sensitive issues in the workplace, ensuring an intrapreneurial environment that respects and thrives on diversity and inclusion.

  • Applying disciplinary procedures through an intrapreneurial lens
  • Recognizing and addressing sensitive workplace issues with empathy and innovation
  • Developing the skills to manage workplace sensitivities in a way that promotes intrapreneurial culture

Module 8: Customer Experience and Intrapreneurial Team Culture

Understand how to enhance customer experience and team values through intrapreneurial strategies, ensuring a robust, innovation-driven approach to quality and service.

  • Incorporating intrapreneurial values (honesty, communication, ownership) into team culture
  • Enhancing customer feedback and experience through innovative approaches
  • Applying Quality Assurance principles with an intrapreneurial mindset

Module 9: Presenting with Intrapreneurial Impact

Gain skills in crafting presentations that not only communicate but also inspire innovation, fostering an environment of engagement and intrapreneurial thought leadership.

  • Structuring presentations to drive intrapreneurial thinking
  • Techniques for impactful opening and closing that resonate with an intrapreneurial audience
  • Leveraging slides and interactions to foster an environment of innovation

Module 10: Emotional Intelligence for Intrapreneurs

Deepen your understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) within the context of intrapreneurship, enhancing the ability to navigate the emotional landscape of innovation and change.

  • Exploring the significance of EQ in nurturing an intrapreneurial culture
  • Developing EQ components crucial for intrapreneurship: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills
  • Strategies for effective emotional management and motivation in an innovative environment

Module 11: Leading Intrapreneurial Change

Discover strategies for leading through change with an intrapreneurial mindset, preparing for and navigating the complexities of innovation-driven transformations.

  • Understanding the intrapreneurial change process and emotional dynamics
  • Strategies for managing personal and team resilience during innovative shifts
  • Best practices for leading an intrapreneurial team through periods of change, addressing resistance with empathy and clarity

Module 12: Excelling in Intrapreneurial Stakeholder Management

Master the art of identifying and managing stakeholders from an intrapreneurial perspective, ensuring alignment and engagement with the innovation agenda.

  • Identifying key stakeholders and tailoring engagement strategies to foster innovation
  • Proactively managing stakeholder engagement levels with an intrapreneurial approach
  • Setting a compelling vision and action plan that aligns with intrapreneurial objectives
  • Understanding the impact of your influencing style on intrapreneurial stakeholder management

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