Leaders play a critical role  in cultural transformation efforts. They are in responsible of leading their teams through the transition, overcoming resistance, and implementing the organization’s change plan into action. To accomplish this, they must have great people-management abilities as well as a strong understanding of change management.


The Objective:

  • Learn (more) about organizational culture, what positive cultures entail, and how interactions matter to the culture.
  • Learn to work with the validated competing values framework and the organizational culture assessment instrument.
  •  Learn to guide change circles and engage people with positive leadership and interaction interventions.

Module 1: Organizational Culture

  • What is culture?
  • What is positive culture?
  • Culture Diagnosis with the OCAI
  • Culture types in the Competing Values Framework
  • Effective and ineffective sides of culture

Module 2: Positive Leadership

  •  What is positive leadership?
  •  Social safety and dialogue
  •  Interaction Interventions

Module 3: Organizational Change

  • Paradigms of organizational change
  • Guiding change with CVF and Change Circles
  • Meetings and Interventions

Module 4: Why is cultural transformation important?

  •  It is critical to the life and sustainability of an organization.
  •  Due to strong competitiveness in the market, higher employee and customer retention, and talent attraction.
  •  Results of a successful transformation

Module 5: How to recognize the need for cultural transformation?

  • Observe consistently low employee engagement scores and high turnover rate of new hires and high-potential employees.
  • Competitors joining the market.
  • A global pandemic that requires employees to work remotely and the organization to become more digitized.

Module 6: Wrapping up 

  • Overcome barriers.
  • Cultural transformation is a long-term effort.
  • Focus on constantly monitoring and managing your culture to strengthen your organization.
  • Achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Celebrate short-term victories

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