HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics


This is a meticulously designed course aimed at equipping participants with a profound understanding of the intricacies of HR and People Analytics and their pivotal role in modern organizational landscapes. This course is a fusion of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and advanced analytical techniques, enabling participants to decipher and address complex human capital challenges through data-driven insights.

Course Contents

Module 1: Foundations of HR and People Analytics

1.1 Definition and Importance of HR Analytics and People Analytics
1.2 Distinction between HR Analytics and People Analytics
1.3 Evolution and Historical Context 1.4 Ethical Considerations and Responsible Use
1.5 Assignment: Comparative Analysis of HR and People Analytics

Module 2: HR Analytics: Operational Excellence

2.1 Focus and Scope of HR Analytics
2.2 Key HR Metrics and Operational KPIs
2.3 Analytical Approaches for HR Compliance and Risk Management 2.4 Workshop: Developing Operational Dashboards in HR Analytics

Module 3: People Analytics: Enhancing Employee Experience

3.1 Focus and Scope of People Analytics
3.2 Analyzing Employee Engagement and Well-being
3.3 Employee Journey Mapping and Lifecycle Analysis
3.4 Workshop: Conducting Employee Sentiment Analysis

Module 4: Talent Acquisition and Development Analytics

4.1 Analytics in Recruitment and Selection
4.2 Learning and Development Analytics
4.3 Employee Performance Analytics 4.4 Workshop: Developing Analytics-Driven Talent Acquisition and Development Strategies

Module 5: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in HR

5.1 Predictive Modeling for Talent Acquisition and Retention
5.2 Scenario Planning and Decision Tree Analysis
5.3 Optimization Models for Workforce Management
5.4 Workshop: Implementing Advanced Analytical Models

Module 6: Strategic Workforce and Talent Management

6.1 Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Management Strategies 6.2 Succession Planning and Leadership Development
6.3 Network Analysis for Organizational Structure and Development
6.4 Assignment: Developing a Strategic Workforce Plan

Module 7: Emerging Trends and Technologies in Analytics

7.1 Machine Learning and AI in People Analytics
7.2 Natural Language Processing for Analyzing Employee Feedback
7.3 Blockchain and Advanced Technologies in HR Analytics
7.4 Workshop: Exploring Emerging Technologies in Analytics

Module 8: Organizational Development and Change Management

8.1 Principles of Organizational Development
8.2 Change Management Strategies and Models
8.3 Analyzing and Managing Organizational Culture
8.4 Assignment: Developing a Change Management Plan using Analytics

Course Details

Dates: 11th and 12th July 2024
Duration: 10 hours (from 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m)
Venue: Ravenala Attitude Hotel
Course Fee: MUR 19,500 per participant



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